Cloakroom benches

Šatní laviceCloakroom benches serve as cloakroom equipment for businesses, gyms, schools, and sport facilities. The frame is made of sturdy 30 x 30 mm steel profiles and the seating surface is made of laminated chipboard with 2 mm ABS edging.

Feet are equipped with plastic gliders.

Odkládání obuvi
On request, it is possible to adjust
the construction for storing shoes.

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Cloakroom benches

Height x length x depth (mm) 460 x 1200 x 350 460 x 1500 x 350 460 x 2000 x 350
Weight (kg) 14 18 25
Order code ITL-04-X03-XXX-X2 ITL-04-X04-XXX-X2 ITL-04-X05-XXX-X2


Recommended method of installation and maintenance of Tritón seats

Recommended environment 

  • intended for indoor use,
  • the locker is not intended for outdoor installations and for installations in environment that can negatively influence the functionality of the locker (humid or wet environment).

Must be protected from

  • mechanical damage,
  • improper handling,
  • a different usage than the cabinet is intended for.

Improper handling is especially

  • Interference with the construction and design of the locker.

Installation of the locker 

  • The locker must be placed on a flat floor; any small unevenness will be compensated by levelling feet. We recommend fixing metal furniture to the wall.

Environment protection 

  • All parts are made of recyclable materials and after decommissioning the cabinet, they must be disposed of according to relevant regulations.


  • It is recommended to wash the cabinet regularly with common non-abrasive detergents with a neutral pH (5-8) and then dry it thoroughly,
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for normal wear and tear of the product.