IPA - Fire lockers and lockers for rescue services

IPA - Fire lockers and lockers for rescue servicesLockers specially made for firefighters and rescue services. 

It is a welded construction made of 1 mm thick sheet steel. The locker guarantees the immediate availability of emergency clothing whenever needed.

Metal grates can be equipped with feet (height 100 mm) and levelling screws. Lockers can be equipped with special tilting helmet holder for additional charge. By simply pulling on the helmet, the holder tilts down and is much easier to remove (see picture below).

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Height x width x depth (mm) 1780 x 500 x  500
Equipment 2x shelves, 2x rods, special perforation, galvanized steel grate, helmet holder, 3x steel clothes hooks
Weight net / gross (kg) 48/53
Order code:  IPA-18-A55-IIR-X1 - mechanical code lock
IPA-18-A55-IIC-X1 - cylindrical lock


Photogallery of IPA - Fire lockers and lockers for rescue services

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Recommended method of installation and maintenance of Tritón lockers

Recommended environment 

  • intended for indoor use,
  • the locker is not intended for outdoor installations and for installations in environment that can negatively influence the functionality of the locker (humid or wet environment).

Must be protected from

  • mechanical damage,
  • improper handling,
  • a different usage than the locker is intended for.

Improper handling is especially

  • Interference with the construction and design of the locker.

Installation of the locker 

  • The locker must be placed on a flat floor; any small unevenness will be compensated by levelling feet. We recommend fixing metal furniture to the wall.

Environment protection 

  • All parts are made of recyclable materials and after decommissioning the locker, they must be disposed of according to relevant regulations.


  • It is recommended to wash the locker regularly with common non-abrasive detergents with a neutral pH (5-8) and then dry it thoroughly,
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for normal wear and tear of the product.